Battering Central Coast weather of late calls for diligent gutter and roof maintenance

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Battering Central Coast weather of late calls for diligent gutter and roof maintenance

March was eventful with the weather producing rainfall that was well above average with many suburbs experiencing record-high numbers of rain days here on the Central Coast.

This coupled with above average warm temperatures producing severe thunderstorms and flash flooding meant homes across the Central Coast faced a battering for the start of Autumn!

With these severe weather conditions, we would like to provide some useful tips for our landlords on how to avoid damage to your investment properties in storms and heavy rainfall.

Roofs and gutters are a gateway for water getting into your house and while they are designed to prevent water damage both internally and externally – they are likely to fail if proper maintenance is not done.  The potential of roof or gutter damage due to a storm is not something you should ever take lightly because water damage can quickly escalate into a very costly situation.

If roof and gutters of your investment property are in disrepair, or too close to large trees etc., there is every chance that weather conditions like those in March will leave you dealing with the avoidable cost of repairs.

Prevention is better than cure so here are our top tips for roof and gutter maintenance:

Roof Maintenance

Don’t leave it until the last minute to check your roof for problems. If recent weather is any indication, unpredictable storms seem more common than ever! Keep a check for any damaged tiles or Colourbond sheets and ensure that all joints are well sealed. This will prevent water seeping in heavy or extended rain periods. Don’t forget to consider the integrity of your roof during roof maintenance checks because strong wind gusts, falling trees and debris pose a very real threat to roof and home damage.

Trees that over-hang your roof are also a threat to your investment home and you may want to consider cutting them down or trimming back to protect against costly damage in the event of severe or wet weather.

Maintenance to Avoid Gutter Damage & Flooding

Guttering only works effectively so long as it is properly maintained. Check guttering regularly, to ensure it’s in working order. Here are some checks to run through when checking the roof guttering:

Is all guttering firmly fastened to the house? Loose guttering will allow water to damage the external structure of your home and in the event of it coming loose during wet weather it becomes useless in effectively removing water run-off from your home.

Are all your roof gutters free of debris and clean? This is one of the easiest and cheap fixes that can be costly if not done on a regular basis due to flooding and over-flow. It takes little time to clean out the gutters and will save you stress during and after a storm!

Are your drains clear and clean? Can the overflow of water get blocked as well? There is no point having guttering if the drains that remove the water from your property / away from your home are not working! Again, a simple check on a regular basis can avoid flooding and costly damage later-on.

During maintenance of your roof guttering and drain system – make sure the drainage is adequate. Ask yourself, how does the water get out of the gutters? Does it have a dedicated overflow drain OR does it simply flow over the edge of the gutters? If so, where does it land? Where will it go? Gutters are not much good if they allow water to hit the ground and run into the lounge room or garage! Besides being counter-productive, it could in fact under-mind the footings of the whole house if left over long periods of time.

Our team have tried and trusted handymen that can assist if you would like to organise roof and gutter maintenance rather than doing it yourself. See our maintenance contact list, we would be happy to help.