Tips for buying an investment property

It’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to the Central Coast — beautiful beaches and waterways, fantastic restaurants and cafes, great shopping and a wonderful laid back lifestyle.

  • Don’t over capitalise. Remember you are purchasing an investment property and you will not be living in this house – don’t purchase your dream home. You need to be emotionally unattached to this property.

  • The numbers need to stack up – get some financial advice.

  • Properties that are close to schools and public transport are always popular with tenants.
  • Don’t purchase a property that is in bad repair unless you intend to spend some money on it. Run down and poorly maintained properties usually attract troublesome tenants.
  • Contact one of our agents to come and view the property prior to negotiations. We can advise you of the rental value, work that may be required prior to leasing and give you our professional recommendation on the property and its leasing suitability.
  • We can also refer you to one of our real estate sales partners to assist you in finding potential investment properties on the market for sale.
“One less thing to worry about”

Your investment properties own full-time carer!

As Central Coast real estate property management specialists, Home Specialist Property Management – just like other real estate agencies – is not authorized to offer investment advice.

We can point you in the right direction for investment property tips and suggestions: