Changing property management agencies is actually very easy

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Changing property management agencies is actually very easy

Too many landlords stay with their managing agents despite being unhappy with the service they deliver. They put switching property management agencies in the ‘too hard basket’ assuming it will be a time-consuming and complicated process. The truth is it’s actually very easy to switch.

In transferring – the new agent takes care of everything

Usually the new agent is happy to conduct the communications required with the previous agent and even assist with the drafting of the termination letter.

Once the termination letter has been received the new agent will arrange to collect the file from the agency containing all important and relevant information such as the tenants contact details, rental payment history, copies of lease documents, entry condition reports, photos and details of outstanding maintenance items.

Then it is as simple as contacting the tenant, setting up their payment schedule for rent and carrying out the first inspection.

Is there a cost to switch agencies?

In our case – no there is no fee for leaving our property management agency (and this is the case for most agencies) and at the moment we are offering new landlords that sign up now the first three months free from our standard property management fees. Consider this your chance to ‘put us to the test’ with no financial lost to you!

We also conduct a free rental appraisal of your investment property to discover what you may be missing out on and how you can maximize your rental return.

Here at Home Specialist Property Management our landlords receive an average of 20% higher rental returns than other Central Coast property investors. We believe that this is a result of our zero tolerance policy on rental arrears and lower than average vacancy rates and simply being 100% dedicated to property management service.

Is there a reason I should change agents?

Sometimes there doesn’t appear to be a problem with your agent but if you were to ask yourself some of the following questions, would you still be satisfied to stay with your current agent?

  • Are your existing tenants ever in arrears?
  • Do you have 24/7 access to your rental property information?
  • Does your Property Manager conduct open inspections on a Saturday when your property is vacant?
  • For routine home inspections, does your Property Manager conduct them regularly and are they documented in detail inspections to ensure nothing is missed?
  • Are you happy with the efficiency and quality of maintenance repairs on your tenanted property?
  • Is your existing agent assessing the rent annually to ensure it stays in line with the current market?

If you consider changing property management agent’s we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We also invite you to request a complimentary rental appraisal on your rental property, simply complete the request form on our site. 

Switch to us today and receive your first 3 months property management service for FREE 

or Contact Us for more details.