Grow your wealth through property investment 2016

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Grow your wealth through property investment 2016

This year’s event at The Erina Centre didn’t disappoint! Quick tax facts and the latest property market activity were shared by our local tax accountant expert, Gavin Swan.

Renee Robins, Loan Market’s experienced mortgage broker taught us how to maximise our return when borrowing for investment and how to work out how much you can borrow these days given the recent shake-up of the loan market.

Phil Oakes from PropertySafe showed us the sobering statistics of the sharp increase in legal claims against landlords in recent years and then shared practical strategies we can implement to protect ourselves as property investors!

Here at ‘home’ we believe that equipping our landlord customers with this invaluable knowledge is well worth it. That is why we host this complimentary evening seminar for our customers and for anyone thinking about getting into property investment here on the Central Coast.

There is more to buying a property and engaging a Property Manager for its leasing.

There are numerous tasks including insurances and knowledge that you need to have in order to minimise your risk and ensure a profitable (and maximised) return.

After-all investing in property is a ‘wealth growth strategy’!

There is no need to worry about trying to know and do it all and this was demonstrated at our event last week. Get a team of professionals around you including an accountant, a solicitor, a mortgage broker a competent Property Manager that does more than just collect the rent.

Just like you we don’t pretend to know and do it all – as a property management agency. This is why we have great alliances that we work closely with to ensure we are doing all that we can for our landlords to maximise their rental return and directing them to information that is essential to minimise their risk.

So in choosing a Property Manager my advice is to ask some insightful questions to ensure you are getting the most from them and importantly minimising your risk as a landlord.

During the ‘Grow your wealth through property investment’ event that we held last week I covered off my top key questions that you should ask when you are considering engaging a Property Manager. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a copy of these.

Some dramatic stories were shared at the event including real situations where landlords have been exposed to significant legal claims (including death or serious injury of their tenants within their investment property) and also some ‘bad decisions’ that left landlords at a loss financially. These scenarios were all avoidable – if only the landlords knew!

While we are not here to scare off people from investing in property – by all means we are strong believers that it is a sound strategy for growing wealth. We simply would like to see all of our landlords achieve successful wealth growth through property investment and make the leasing of their investments run as smoothly as possible.

Don’t worry if you missed this year’s event – we will be sharing snippets from the event soon and of course you can come along next year to our Grow your wealth through property investment 2017!