Maintenance reported on time by the tenant? Not always…

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Maintenance reported on time by the tenant? Not always…

We do get a small minority of tenants who don’t report maintenance that they find even though this is a requirement of their tenancy agreement.

The most common maintenance we find that is not reported by tenants is the evidence of mould or leaking showers.

In the scenario of mould, the mould starts to appear and the tenant does not report it upon first discovery. By the time the property management team gets to the property for the next routine inspection the mould is out of control and has become increasingly worse. Delayed maintenance or failure to address the mould issue can create permanent damage to porous materials such as carpets and curtains.

Tenants and landlords would be wise to take note… a leaking shower can end up causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage if left unrepaired over time.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to report maintenance on time (when they first find the problem) to prevent further damage being caused to the investment property and tenants can be held responsible for some of the repairs if the maintenance has become worse due to their lack of action in notifying the Property Managers. 

Delay in reporting of maintenance, when a tenant is being negligent is particularly worrying for a landlord. Besides the risk to their investment property there is the concern of hefty repair bills that could have been avoided with on-time maintenance reporting!

Water leaks and water damage may seem minor maintenance but it can create serious damage to your investment property. If it’s an apartment it can also damage neighbouring properties that you and/or your tenant will be liable for repairing also.

Early detection is vital and any maintenance should always be reported on time by tenants for these reasons and as you can see here… even one negligent tenant is more than enough risk for any landlord.