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Meet The Team

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Tennille Mugridge
Tennille MugridgeLicensee/ Managing Director
My objective is to provide residential landlords with a quality service and assist them in growing their wealth through property investment. I am resilient and calm under pressure, both qualities that help me work at a peak level in residential property management.

I have an innate ability to separate my stress and remain professional in difficult situations.

I am solution orientated and take an active approach in helping people … and I get a thrill out of it!!

I am professional but relatable and read people well, effortlessly adapting and interacting with people in any situation.

Did I mention I LOVE property management!!!

Laetitia Jones
Laetitia JonesSenior Property Manager
With 10 years’ real estate experience, Laetitia thrives on interacting with people of all walks of life. Helping both Landlords and Tenants achieve their goals, Laetitia believes that Property Management is about people and nurturing that relationship.

Commencing her career with “Home” in 2010, Laetitia started in Reception, while studying to obtain her real estate license.

She was promoted based on performance to Property Officer, Property Manager and now, Senior Property Manager. This has equipped her with every facet of Property Management.

Laetitia’s hospitality background demonstrates her strong customer service skills. She loves Property Management and holds all the qualities required including excellent time management, organisational skills and a positive attitude.

Being a guest speaker at trade conferences, Laetitia is passionate about empowering others seeking careers in Property Management.

Laetitia Success’s

Winner 2019 REI NSW Property Manager of the year award
Finalist 2017 REI Australia Property Manager of the year award
Winner 2016 REI NSW Property Manager of the year award
Finalist 2015 REI NSW Property Manager of the year award
Finalist 2014 Leading Property Managers of Australia Rising Star Award
Winner 2013 Leading Property Managers of Australia Corporate Support Award

Karla Barlow
Karla BarlowProperty Manager
Friendly, approachable and down-to-earth, Karla is extremely well suited to her role with Home Specialist Property Management as “behind the scenes support”, highly skilled and with a reputation for outstanding customer care, she’s a dedicated professional with a strong real estate background.

Karla is drawn to the fast-paced challenges of real estate and is driven by her determination to provide her clients with exceptional service experiences and deliver them optimum results. Karla has always had a passion for property and her honesty, integrity and knowledge ensure looking after your investment runs as smoothly as possible.

Alicia Stacey
Alicia StaceyProperty Manager
Alicia started her career in real estate 4.5 years ago as a Receptionist and worked hard to become a Senior Manager within 2.5 years. Her passion for real estate began in her early 20’s when her passion and interest for real estate had her poring through the real estate guide on a regular basis. Alicia was watching the market grow to what it is today and wanted to be a part of making that happen!

Alicia is a real people person. She gains great satisfaction watching families find their perfect home and young people moving out of the family home for the first time.

It truly feels like a labour of love rather than a job to Alicia. She is excited to get up everyday with the mindset of being a great Property Manager that is going to enjoy helping our Landlords and Tenants!

“One less thing to worry about”

Your investment properties own full-time carer!