A good credit rating is just as important as a clean tenancy record

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A good credit rating is just as important as a clean tenancy record

Did you know that whenever you apply for a rental property it’s not just your tenancy record that is reviewed when considering your application?

In the past, tenants have always focused on keeping their tenancy records ‘clean’ in order to prevent tenancy rejection in the future. However these days there is more than just the tenancy record considered when assessing your eligibility to rent a property. Your credit history is also checked, so it really pays to manage your credit payments carefully to ensure a clean bill of ‘health’ all round.

All Property Managers have a right to access national data about potential tenants including data from Veda.  Veda is Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of credit information and analysis.

Since the establishment of its core credit bureau business in 1967, Veda has been the custodian of consumers’ credit information. They provide access to credit reports, as well as helping to educate on the importance of understanding your credit history to manage and protect your credit reputation.

The important action that you can take as a consumer and tenant is to manage your credit record to ensure it won’t inhibit you from gaining tenancy in the future.

Veda provides useful information for consumers including the answers to many commonly asked questions that tenants have about their credit record. Some of the more commonly asked questions are:

  • What information is included on my credit report?
  • How do you get the information that is on my credit report?
  • What should I do if I have received an alert?

For more information about VEDA the credit reporting company you can visit there FAQs about your credit file.

You can also receive a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months by contacting Veda. Order a free copy of a report of your credit file here.

Other circumstances for which you would be entitled to a free copy of your credit report are as follows:

  • Your credit application was declined.
  • You have lodged a correction request and have been advised that information on your file has been corrected.