Are you limiting your property investment growth potential?

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Are you limiting your property investment growth potential?

Did you know that by being unaware of the value of your investment property you could be costing yourself money and the opportunity to expand your property investment portfolio?

For instance, are you aware of the equity you currently have in your investment property and did you know you could potentially utilise that equity to buy another investment property?

In our experience, many investors are unaware that the value of their investment property has increased to the extent that it can enable them to increase their net worth

We can help you to find the answers you need and unlock the growth potential your property may have in order to maximise your immediate and long-term investment potential.

Give us a call to arrange a current market assessment of your property. That will give you the answers to the questions about value and equity.  We can also assist by advising you of the information you will need to provide your accountant and lending institution should you wish to explore the option of tapping into the equity in your property to purchase another investment property.

Even if you do not have sufficient equity to grow your property portfolio today, being aware of the current value of your property and your equity position can assist you plan your investment strategy for the future.