If any of your investment properties are at risk of termite infestation, there are things you can do to protect your property proactively. The best way to prevent termites is by first understanding what attracts these pests in the first place. Here, we  share some of  the things you should   do to protect your property, so it’s kept termite-free at all times.


There are some clues that’ll be left around your property if you have termites.


Remember what attracts termites

Termites like to eat timber and cellulose material such as newspaper. They love to nest in warm, dark places, and this is why the internal structures in a home can be prone to termite infestation. It’s important to ensure the soil around your property isn’t retaining too much moisture, and any leaks are addressed quickly.


Look for clues if you think your property has termites While termites are small and probably difficult to notice with the naked eye, there are some clues that’ll be left around your property if you have termites. Some clues to look out for include mud tubes on your walls, nests and small holes in your trees, damage to external trims and skirting boards, tapping sounds in the walls that increase at night, and mud-mound nests outside the property or in your garage and other dark areas of the home.

Keep your land clean and clear As we mentioned above, termites love to nest in damp soil and

internal structures within the home. Preventing termites from nesting in these areas at your

investment properties starts with keeping the gardens and lawn

clean and tidy. Make sure you keep plants and  shrubs  trimmed  pack and that all soil is well-drained.


Block tempting entry points Termites often find their way into properties through wood and soil that’s in contact with the home. Try to limit any  wooden  trellis structures leaning against the property and don’t keep fencing, spare timber or  firewood  next  to the property.  If  there  are  any cracks in the walls or the

foundations of your property, you

should get these filled as soon as possible.


Get a professional to help

Investing in getting the help of a professional to check your property for termites and identify any risky areas that may attract them will be much cheaper than needing to pay for fixing a termite infestation problem down the track. For that reason, getting a professional to help with

extermination and treatments now can be a good idea.


Remember the tips above will help you check if your property has termites and proactively protect your property too. If you’re feeling unsure, contact a professional for their opinion so you can  have peace of mind that your property is protected.