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Investor News This Month – February 2013

New Year, new goals and a fresh new look

Next time you call in to our office you may notice a couple of changes. Firstly you’ll see that we’re wearing a smart new summer uniform inspired by the colours of our logo and corporate identity. The second thing you may notice is that each of us has a Visionary Board hanging above our desk. What’s this all about? Each year we have a theme around team goal setting and this year’s theme centres around personal growth. The idea behind the Visionary Board is to hang images or words relating to the things you most want to achieve in your life and is based on the Law of Attraction – the more you focus on positive thoughts and images, the greater the chance that these positive thoughts will become a reality. The way we see it is, if each individual in our office is happy and fulfilled in all aspects of their lives, then this can only be positive for the way we work as a team. And the better we work as a team, the better the results for our clients.

We’d like to thank the amazingly talented professional stylist, Sam Woods from Vibrant Concepts and the girls at Portmans for our new summer uniform (check out the photo on Facebook). Judging by the many compliments we’ve received so far, our clients love the new look as much as we do!

Hats off to our tenants…

We are proud to be one of only a handful of agencies to have an Emergency Policies and Procedures system in place for times when the office is unattended.  During the Christmas/New Year period, our office was closed for two weeks during which time any emergency repair work that needed to be looked after (such as an electrical fault or burst water pipe) could be dealt with promptly, courtesy of our Emergency online system. Our tenants responded exceptionally well to the system, meaning any incident was handled quickly and smoothly while the office was closed. Click on the link to read about the experience of one of our tenants with the system during the festive season.

Do your homework before choosing a Property Manager…

We can’t stress strongly enough how important it is do your homework before choosing a Property Manager to look after one of the most valuable assets you own – your investment property.  Why?  Because not all Property Managers are equal and not everyone wants the same thing in a Property Manager.  For instance, some people prefer a lot of phone contact with their Property Managers, while others prefer minimal direct contact.

To select a property management company to suit your specific requirements, it pays to ask some key questions. Much like a job interview, your task is to find the right person for the job and for you. Remember, the difference between a good Property Manager that understands your needs and a mediocre one whose work style does not gel with you could make a dramatic difference to your outlook for long-term financial gain as well as your expectations of service on an ongoing basis.

Click on the link to our Selecting a Property Manager page where you will find a list of the key questions we suggest you ask when looking for the right Property Manager to suit your needs.  Of course you can always come in and see us.  As specialists in property management, we are passionate about what we do and our service philosophy is simple – to look after you like no other.  Why not tell your friends to put us to the test for some free property management service for yourself as our way of saying ‘thank you’.