Welcome to our June! Can you believe it’s the end of the financial year already? Where does the time go?

The office has been running at a wonderful pace and consistency this month. We are very blessed to have the the best staff, processed that work & loyal trained & qualified tradesman to help our clients. Don’t get me wrong, this has taken many years & lots of hard work but that’s the beauty of the evolution of a long standing company like ours. We actually celebrated 13 years in business last month!!!

I’m always interested in stats & figures surrounding property management. The one that resonates with me today is that over 60% of our tenant enquiries comes from realestate.com.au so it’s so important to have a great presence with first class photos and good advertising text but the photos are the key. People are visual and the photos need to catch them at first glimpse. A property can only make a first impression once!

Don’t forget to ensure when you meet with your Accountant you have your end of financial year statement from your agent along with any tax depreciation schedules and expenses you may have paid yourself. If you do need assistance in booking a depreciation schedule we can assist so please reach out to your property manager.

I hope you enjoy the 2 articles we have for you this month.

Happy end of financial year.

To all our clients receiving this newsletter thank you for your support again… we love working with you and to those new clients – I hope you enjoy the content!

Take care,