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Maintaining your dishwasher

You wouldn’t wash your dishes with a dirty sponge, so why would you expect a dirty dishwasher to clean your dishes?

Many people assume that their dishwasher looks after itself. The reality is however that debris and deposits build up over time and reduce the performance of the dishwasher as it ages. The good news is – looking after your dishwasher (if you’re lucky enough to have one where you live) is easy and doesn’t take up much time at all. Here’s how to keep your dishwasher running efficiently:

  1. Use your dishwasher regularly – regular use will reduce the need to clean it.
  2. Run full loads to save energy and water but don’t pack the dishes too tightly.
  3. Scrape excess food of dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.
  4. Clear excess debris that falls to the bottom of the dishwasher regularly.
  5. When maintaining your dishwasher, start with a completely empty dishwasher, just after it has run a full cycle:
  6. Check all spinning arms, ensuring all the holes are free of debris for the water to run through.
  7. Clear debris from the holes in the spinning arms if necessary with a toothpick or fine pointed needle.
  8. Wipe around the edges of the door and the gasket –an old toothbrush will help get into nooks and crannies.
  9. Clean under the bottom of the door.
  10. Inspect the bottom of the dishwasher around the drain and clear excess debris if required.

For full dishwasher maintenance instructions, including images and a video, click on the link.