March has been another great month for the HSPM team. Crystal and Laetitia both celebrated birthdays and Karla’s will be here next week.

We attended the women in real estate conference with the REI NSW where the focus of the day was change in real estate. What a great day networking with others who strive for professionalism in the industry plus hearing some amazing speakers.

Laetitia was featured at the real estate training group conference where she was interview all things property management. Another inspiration day where the focus was the customers experience.

The market remains steady but we are still seeing owners struggle to accept pricing within the market. Properties are taking longer to lease for those that have not adjusted down to the market. It is so important that investors view the stats and look at the comparable properties that have leased. Not those available for lease, but those that have actually leased and the prices they achieved. The market is down by 5.2% from this time last year and we need to accomodate for this in our pricing.

Thank you to the owners and tenants that completed our survey. We are analysing the responses currently with a goal to continue to improve our service to you.

We do remind you our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30-5pm and we also ask that if you need to contact your property manager you so by calling their direct line or mobile number not the reception line.

We are in and out of the office most days and can easily respond to an email or SMS even if we can not take a phone call. You will shortly receive updated contact details for your property manager to assist with this.

I have chosen 2 great articles for this month that I hope you enjoy.

Until next month… take care!