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More tenants on the market & exciting new ways to attract them

A number of tenants have given their notice to vacate during the past month, most citing “change” as their motivation to move.  This means we now have the longest list of properties available for new prospective tenants than we’ve had in 12 months, which is great news for a number of reasons.

Firstly with demand so high on the Central Coast by (quite often) a higher calibre of client these days, we’ve now got a solid number of properties available for them to view – the balance between supply and demand this month has leveled off to some degree.

Secondly, the period of vacancy is giving many landlords a much needed window of opportunity to carry out property repairs, maintenance or improvements and ensure their property is ready for the cooler months ahead, both in terms of comfort and energy efficiency (we’ve got a great article on this topic in this month’s newsletter).

Finally, it is giving many landlords the opportunity to have a rental review conducted. This ensures their investment property is attracting the revenue it deserves based on current marketplace conditions.

So needless to say, we’re being kept very busy in the office with numerous enquiries, inspections and rental reviews taking place.

On the topic of rental enquiries and inspections, we’re delighted to announce a new ‘real time’ property advertising service offered by Home Specialist Property Management.

After attending the LPMA conference last month we realised that video advertising is the best way to connect with today’s tech-savvy, visually oriented consumer.

‘Real time’ video advertising allows us to showcase your property and gives prospective tenants the opportunity to view the property any time and anywhere they have access to Internet service. It opens up marketing opportunities to not only locals but also prospective tenants currently residing interstate or even overseas.

While the service doesn’t replace the benefit of a physical inspection of the property, it does give the prospective tenant the opportunity to shortlist the properties they would like to view and will allow interstate and overseas prospective tenants the chance to view and apply online if they like what they see.

We are in the process of implementing this exciting advertising service as new or existing properties become available for lease.  Head to our website to see some of the properties that now have this feature available.