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Pets and rental properties

Clause 43 of the residential tenancy agreement states that; The tenant agrees not to keep animals on the residential premises without obtaining the landlord’s consent.

It also provides an area where the approved pet must be listed.  If your approved pet is not written into your lease, then you don’t have the correct or legal approval.

Many landlords these days choose not to allow pets for the simple fact that is may reduce the possibility of damage.

We find that so many tenants have pets. Most families have a pet and we understand that no-one wants to leave their family pet behind.

It is important to search for a property that is pet friendly, ensure that you fill out your pet application form and add any photos, references and registration papers for your pet.  This will all assist the Property Manager and the owner in making an informed decision about the pet.

The Australian animal welfare league is holding a competition to find Australias most pet friendly landlord and we think it is a great idea.

For more information or to enter you landlord go to: