Report repair and maintenance issues early

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Report repair and maintenance issues early

Man replacing damaged window screens on home that will be put up forsale Recent research has identified that Australian tenants are among the least assertive in the developing world. We certainly notice this to be true, for example, many tenants put their rights aside at times for fear they may be considered a nuisance.

In addition to being a legal obligation on your part to report damage and maintenance issues early (under Clause 16.2 of the Tenancy Agreement), it is also in your interest to do so. It is your  home so we want to ensure it is safe and comfortable for you and your family to live in at all times.

Early assessment and repair of any problems can save you unnecessary worry and frustration, and the owner of the property a considerable amount of money whilst reducing the risk of further damage being caused. This is particularly true of things like water damage, which can steadily go from a minor issue that’s quick and easy to resolve to a major problem that causes inconvenience, irreparable damage or costs a fortune to fix.

It’s easy to advise us of a maintenance issue. Please feel free to call us, come in and see, send us an email, or complete and submit our online Property Repair Request form by selecting Rentals…Resources for Tenants…Property Repair Request from our website. Our Property Management Team are here to help and will attend to your Property Repair Request within one business day of submitting the form.