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Shared accommodation

With demand outweighing the supply of rental accommodation on the Central Coast and rents high, some people are forced to think outside the square when it comes to finding somewhere suitable and affordable to live.

Shared accommodation is one possible solution and is becoming increasingly popular with students and young people who are simply unable to afford to pay the rent on their own.

Shared accommodation generally involves sharing the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, dining and living rooms of a house or unit. All bills are also normally shared and the rent is divided between the number of tenants sharing the accommodation. Naturally there are pros and cons for shared accommodation and its success depends on the ability of tenants to live together under the one roof.

Sometimes tenants decide to save money on rent by leasing out one or two bedrooms in their home to others. If you decide you wish to explore this possibility you must first ensure that sharing is permitted in your Lease Agreement. If your Lease Agreement permits you to share your accommodation, it is important to understand that the law regarding accommodation sharing is complicated. The simplest way to set up the arrangement is to have you as tenant sub-letting the property to others. Remember, this arrangement must be permitted on the Lease Agreement for you to be able to implement it. Whatever the arrangement, you should pay the rent in a lump sum rather than in divided lots. It is usually the occupants’ responsibility to replace flatmates who leave during the tenancy.

Call your Property Manager if you are unsure if shared accommodation is an option for you on your Lease Agreement.