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Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service

Did you know that there is a free independent service on the Central Coast for local tenants needing advice or advocacy?

The Central Coast Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service (CCTAAS) is available for tenants seeking:

  • Free information and advice
  • Help dealing with the landlord or real estate agent/Property Manager (Advocacy)
  • Assistance before and/or during a NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) hearing

Operating on the Central Coast for more than 15 years, the CCTAAS is a not-for-profit group managed by a volunteer Management Committee.

The types of questions CCTAAS can address are:

  • What do I need to know when I am starting a tenancy?
  • Can I break my lease?
  • Can the landlord evict me?
  • How do I get repairs done?
  • Can I object to a rent increase?
  • How do I claim my bond?

Of course as your Property Managers we are always here to answer any questions you may have and pride ourselves on our relationship with tenants. But if you feel you would prefer to deal with an independent body or feel you have been unfairly treated, this is the service to call.

For more information, head to the CCTAAS website or call the CCTAAS on Monday to Thursday between 11am and 3pm on 4353 5515.