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This month – April 2019

This month has been fun with all the Easter activities.  Schools back and we are back in the swing of things again.  As much as we all love our little darlings it does throw a spanner in the works when you have 3 working mums in the team during the school holidays.

The weather is cooling of an evening but the days are still lovely and sunny here on the Coast.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

The market is very competitive at the moment and you will see in our first article that Domain has reported this month that vacancy rates in Sydney are up from 1.7% in January 2018 to 2.8% in January 2019 which is an increase of 1.1%.

The team is expanding and next month we welcome 2 new team members to the HSPM family.  I’m excited to introduce them to you and will send out email introductions once they settle in.  Laetitia is coming up to Maternity Leave and we are in full preparation for her 9 month break.

I hope you enjoy the 2 articles i have chosen.  I particularly liked the market update from domain.  It is such a different market we are in and its crucial for us to understand the stats when leasing and listing your investment property.

Lastly, we hope all the mothers have a wonderful mothers day and look forward to your feedback on this month newsletter.