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Investor News This month- July 2013

Tribunal – why early intervention & prevention is best

In most cases, the relationship between our landlords and tenants is very positive.  This is largely due to the thorough tenant selection process we undertake and the service we offer to ensure any maintenance and repair issues or other concerns like rental arrears are handled quickly and professionally.

There are however rare occasions when a dispute arises between the landlord and tenant for various reasons.  Most often, such disputes can be resolved quickly and efficiently without the need to take the matter to the Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT).  But on those very rare occasions where resolution is unsuccessful between a landlord and their tenant, we are able to lodge a formal complaint on the landlord’s behalf and represent them at Tribunal.

The CTTT uses a number of dispute resolution methods to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants, including conciliation and hearings.  The dispute resolution process used will depend upon the application type and the nature of the dispute. Often the outcome is not favourable for either party.

Our best advice, based on experience, is that early intervention and prevention is far better than going to Tribunal. The CTTT process can be both costly and time consuming for all parties concerned and often the tribunal makes a ruling both parties are not completely happy with.  It is always our recommendation to negotiate with your tenant to come to a resolution that you have control over.

Open Homes – the best way to find the best tenant & minimise vacancy periods

In our experience, Open Homes are still the most effective and efficient way to successfully lease a property and minimise vacancy periods on the Central Coast.  Here are a few facts we utilise here at HSPM to strategically work towards optimising this process:

  • Open Homes create a sense of urgency and therefore attract a good number of potential tenants
  • With so many people commuting to Sydney or Newcastle for work on the Central Coast, people are especially time poor – so weekend (particularly Saturday) viewings are very popular
  • We offer a variety of viewing times to ensure all potential applicants have the opportunity to see the property
  • Open Homes make it easy for landlords to know exactly when they need to have their rental property ‘inspection ready’
  • Viewing times are clearly showcased on our website
  • Anyone viewing a property must be registered for security reasons and to ensure we have their full details for follow-up and reference check purposes
  • Open homes allow us to filter all potential tenants to the our streamlined 1 inspection online application form

Our FREE offer for the month of August is too good not to share

Do you know anyone that, like you, invests in property on the Central Coast?  If so, they’ll be thrilled to hear you pass on the news about our latest offer – 3 months FREE property management service for anyone that switches to us during the month of July.

Best of all, not only will switching to us mean they’ll have their property managed by the Coast’s leading property management specialists, they won’t have to lift a finger to make it happen.  We’ll arrange everything to do with the property transfer for them, including advising their current property management agency and completing all the paperwork.

This special offer is only available until August 31 so be sure to pass on the news as soon as you can!  Click on the link for full details about the offer or copy and paste the link into your email or Social Media post to share it with others.