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Investor News This month- June 2013


The results are in – how has the NSW investment property market fared over the past 5 years?

RP Data’s National Autumn Investors Report has revealed that NSW and Victoria have recorded the largest number of suburbs where values are on track to double over ten years. The highest number of suburbs where rental growth is doubling over ten years is across NSW.  The results are particularly pleasing when you consider that the housing market has been relatively weak over the past five years.

Rental Yield

As at February 2013, a total of 582 suburbs across the country had a rental yield at or more than 5.5%.  Of this, 138 suburbs were in NSW (81 suburbs in regional NSW).

Value Growth

The majority of suburbs that have recorded annual average value growth of 7.2% or greater are situated in regional areas of the country.  In NSW, a total of 65 suburbs showed value growth of at least 7.2%, with 60% of those in regional NSW.

Rental Growth

As at February 2013, 792 suburbs across Australia had recorded average annual rental growth of at least 7.2% over the past five years.  Of this, 362 suburbs (almost half) were in NSW (113 in regional NSW).

In Summary

Overall, the national results indicate that regional areas have performed better than city areas in terms of value growth and rental yield while rental growth opportunities have been greatest in capital city markets.  NSW has performed particularly well in comparison to the rest of Australia in terms of the number of suburbs that have experienced significant rental growth.

New software to deliver more online benefits than ever before

We are delighted to report that our agency is changing software in the new financial year to a system that will deliver more online benefits and greater transparency than ever before.

Always focused on delivering the absolute best property management service possible, we have been extensively researching the market to find a software solution that would deliver better online results for our landlords than our current system does.

From July 1, our new system will give you totally secure access to more information about your property, such as immediate access to your financial statements and invoices.  Tenants will benefit by having online access to information like paid to dates, lease dates, vacate dates and outstanding invoices, allowing them to be more organised and in control.  The system will also make it easier for us to manage your property and tenants more efficiently, resulting in even better and faster service delivery to you.