This Month – June 2018

/This Month – June 2018

This Month – June 2018

Welcome to our newsletter update for June!

Here on the Central Coast we saw Autumm in full swing in May as we head towards Winter.  The trees are loosing leaves and the the days are getting cooler.  The market is still a little sluggish and prices on available properties need to remain competitive.  Day on the market have stretched out and tenants are still very aware of what properties are worth.

This month the team attended the annual LPMA conference on the gold coast where we got to network with other like minded property management agencies across the country.

The team celebrated laetitias 8 year work anniversary this month by a luncheon at the Dart and Feather at Davistown.  The food was totally amazing.

We also had a get together to watch the royal wedding and wow don’t we just love Harry and Meghan.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the night and so did all our little girls.  We had 5 of our daughters who were very excited to watch the real life prince marry his bride.

The coffee is on us!

This month we are also having our free coffee campaign where you can get your free coffee from Pop Up Coffee Co. If you take a photo of yourself with John from Pop Up Coffee Co and tag both Home Specialist Property Management on instagram and Pop Up Coffee Co. on instagram.

Pop Up Coffee Co. is a mobile coffee service managed by the talented barista, John. He can be found around the Central Coast providing amazing coffees for businesses, events, markets, school events, sporting events and more. Look out for his van (pictured left) and for more details where he can be found check out his.

Once again, we hope you enjoy the content of the newsletter this month.  Please remember that we love to hear from you so if you are local please drop in or call to arrange a catch up.

Current rental market this month:
Tenant enquiries:            286
Tenant inspections:         38
Properties Leased:         10
Average rent:                  $465