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Investor News This month- March 2013

Is your investment property adequately protected from the elements?

When was the last time you had the gutters cleaned on your investment property? What about your roof tiles and window seals?  Would the interior of your investment property stay dry and protected in heavy rain?

With predictions of more heavy rain on the way throughout autumn, it’s a good idea to ensure your gutters are cleared of all debris, roof tiles are intact and all windows and external doors seal properly. Ask us about our Home Maintenance service if you don’t have time to attend to this type of maintenance yourself.

In line with our vision at Home Specialist Property Management to be a one-stop service provider, we added a Home Property Maintenance department to our suite of specialist property management service offerings towards the end of last year. Our Home Property Maintenance service ensures that when you need some non-structural work done at your investment property, we can arrange it for you.

Virtual tours are a hit!

Our online video rental property inspection option is proving to be a real hit with prospective tenants.People are telling us it is great to be able to take a virtual tour of a potential rental property from the comfort of their own home to decide whether or not they would like to make an actual inspection. To take a look at the video showcases currently available to view, simply click on the You Tube link at the top right
hand side of or Properties for Rent page of our website (please note, not all properties have a video
showcase to respect the personal preference of the property’s owner).

On the Home Front

In celebration of Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day on February 12, we cooked up a storm at the office and enjoyed the taste and lingering aroma of our ‘healthy version’ pancakes, thanks to fitness and health guru, Michelle Bridge’s guilt-free pancake recipe and Danielle’s cooking skills.

Our Afternoon ‘Teal’ for Ovarian Cancer

Did you know that February was national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month?  We hosted an ‘Afternoon Teal’ at the office to help raise funds for and awareness about this ‘silent’ disease.  Why ‘Afternoon Teal’? Ovarian Cancer Australia’s brand is identified by the blue/green hue known as ‘Teal’; a colour not dissimilar to our own corporate identity colour.

There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer at present so it is absolutely vital that every woman knows the signs and symptoms to look for and understands the need to see a doctor if there is any concern. As a team of women, this is an issue that is close to our
hearts. If you would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts towards this worthy cause, there’s still time.  Help us get to our target by making a donation.

Ovarian Cancer Australia is the country’s only national organisation dedicated to raising awareness of ovarian cancer, delivering support to women and their families affected by the disease, and funding the best ovarian cancer research. For information on Ovarian Cancer, including the symptoms to look out for, click on the link.