Well, the cool weather has certainly hit us over the past few days.  We can absolutely feel it snowing!!

This month we welcome Rebecca to our team.  We are really excited to welcome Rebecca.  She will be handling all our new clients up to the point where the property is leased and is handed over to one of our property managers.  This will help ensure new clients have a better service and more one on one with our agent and the property managers can continue to focus on our existing clients.

We saw the election unfold before our eyes this month and there are a lot of different opinions but when speaking with our current clients they feel the re-election of the current government will create confidence within the market. Many felt vendors and buyers will reengage.  Australians have been patiently waiting to see the outcome before making any decisions and it’s now here.

On a side note, we remind everyone that flex hoses in their properties can create a real issue if they burst.  We had 3 just last month burst under vanities and flood properties leaving owners with major repairs and damages.  If you would like your flex hoses checked please let us know and we can arrange this.

I have chosen 2 articles around lending and finance for this months newsletter which i though fitting for the time of year.

Please keep warm and as always we would love your feedback on our content.

I hope you enjoy the read,