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This Quarter – Autumn 2013

Our Afternoon ‘Teal’ for Ovarian Cancer

Did you know that February was national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month?  We hosted an ‘Afternoon Teal’ at the office to help raise funds for and awareness about this ‘silent’ disease.  Why ‘Afternoon Teal’? Ovarian Cancer Australia’s brand is identified by the blue/green hue known as ‘Teal’; a colour not dissimilar to our own corporate colour.

We hosted a lovely afternoon of fun, raffles, donations and of course delicious cakes and coffee. Too see more pics head to our facebook page.

Unfortunately there is no early detection test for ovarian cancer at present so it is absolutely vital that every woman knows the signs and symptoms to look for and understands the need to see a doctor if there is any concern. As a team of women, this is an issue that is close to our hearts. If you would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts towards this worthy cause, there’s still time.  Help us get to our target by making a donation.

Ovarian Cancer Australia is the country’s only national organisation dedicated to raising awareness of ovarian cancer, delivering support to women and their families affected by the disease, and funding the best ovarian cancer research. For information on Ovarian Cancer, including the symptoms to look out for, click on the link.

Only working smoke detectors save lives!

I was prompted to share this story as a result of a wake up call I had in my own home recently.

With all the rain we’ve been experiencing lately, I like many others, have been relying more heavily than I normally would on my clothes dryer. My clothes dryer caught fire while running one night, while my daughter, husband and I were all asleep at the other end of the house! Had it not been for the smoke alarm going off to alert us of the danger, I would hate to think what could have happened.

While all rental properties are required by law to have smoke detectors installed, they only save lives if they are working. The key is to ensure you NEVER tamper with your smoke detectors and change the battery annually. It is recommended to change the battery each year when day light saving ends, which this year is at 3am on Sunday, April 7. If your smoke alarm goes off frequently (such as whenever you make toast), speak to us and we will arrange to have it relocated.