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This Quarter – Autumn 2017

After experiencing the wettest March on record, it was such a pleasure to enjoy such glorious weather over Easter, the School Holidays and on ANZAC Day in April. 

We hope you managed to spend some quality time with those you love and enjoyed the great outdoors over these periods.

No influx of repair requests despite the deluge

As mentioned in the introduction, blocked roofs and gutters are the primary cause of water damage inside a property and it was pleasing to see that we didn’t experience an influx of sudden call-out requests from tenants, despite the deluge of rain during March. This demonstrates that our message to landlords of the importance of regular roof and gutter maintenance has clearly paid off. 

As a tenant you can help by letting us know if ever you notice an issue with your gutters and roof. As they say, prevention is always better than the cure.

Tenant enquiries have been on the decline as we have moved into Autumn. This is not unexpected at this time of year due to the Easter holiday and we always find that with the cooler months people are less likely to move homes.

Rental market activity for this quarter:

  • Properties Leased: 10 
  • Average rent: $475