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This Quarter – Spring 2016

Better safe than sorry

With the festive and holiday season rapidly approaching, it is timely to remind you of the importance of having adequate Contents Insurance cover. The Central Coast attracts many visitors, especially over the summer holiday season. Many locals also head off on their own holidays during the December/January school holiday period. As a result, it is also a time when household break, enter and steal offences tend to increase.

Unfortunately some tenants assume that just because they don’t own their home, they don’t need insurance. While that is the case for Building Insurance (which is taken out by the landlord), Contents Insurance is the responsibility of the tenant. Without adequate Contents Insurance cover, you are at risk of losing your furniture, appliances and other possessions.

Theft is not the only cause of loss. Goods can also be damaged or destroyed by things like fire, storm damage, floods and even power outages. When events like this occur, the building and its fixtures are covered by the landlord’s Building Insurance. However your possessions are only covered if you have Contents Insurance.

Here are a few scenarios that illustrate the need for all tenants to take out Contents Insurance:

  1. An electrical fault in the building causes a fire, which destroys the property and everything in it. Your possessions would NOT be covered under the landlord’s Building Insurance.
  2. You are away on holidays and your home is targeted by thieves who not only steal a number of goods but also vandalise the property. The landlord’s insurance does not cover loss or damage of your goods. It only covers damage to fixtures within the property and the building itself.
  3. A tree falls onto your home following a storm and smashes through the roof causing damage to your furniture and electrical goods as well as the building itself. The landlord’s insurance covers all damage to the property but NOT the damage to your goods.

A qualified insurance broker is the best person to recommend the most suitable insurance cover for your needs. There are also many online insurance comparison sites, which can help you find the most suitable cover at the best possible price.

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Rental market activity for this quarter:

  • Properties Leased: 7
  • Average rent: $416