To renovate or not to renovate?

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To renovate or not to renovate?

Our property investors often ask when is the best time to renovate their investment property.

Experience tells us that the best time to renovate is when the property is vacant, however some renovations can be done with tenants still in the property. Obviously, this is dependent upon the renovations to be undertaken.

Renovations undertaken during a tenancy can be done as an iincentive for the tenant to enter into a longer-term lease at an increased rent or to maintain the property at a liveable standard without the need to create a vacancy.

We stress that it is unwise to over capitalise on your investment property by installing top of the range products. This is a mistake that many investors make. Top of the range products not only cost more, but do not necessarily add rental value to the property.

Be careful when considering renovations and take the advice of your Property Manager as to what type of renovations will increase the rental value and what tenants actually desire in their search for a rental property. By knowing what tenants are looking for and tailoring your renovations to market expectations, you are spending your time and investment dollars towards deriving additional income and not simply towards improving your property.

Remember to retain all records and invoices. Speak to your accountant regarding the tax implications of any renovation work that you undertake and also consider obtaining a tax depreciation report so your renovations can be depreciated for tax purposes.