Why we can’t take your word for it

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Why we can’t take your word for it

It’s not that we don’t believe you! It’s simply that NSW rental legislation requires everything in writing.

The legislation states that all correspondence provided by the tenant to the agent or landlord and from the landlord/agent to the tenant in relation to anything concerning the tenancy agreement must be made in writing.

There have been many documented cases where things have turned sour simply because this legislation was not adhered to. Take the following example. In a recent case, a tenant moved out of their rental property under the assumption that they were within their rights to end the lease based purely on a phone conversation they had with their Property Manager about the possibility that their landlord may wish to move back in to their property. In a situation like this, the tenant is in fact legally bound to pay their rent until a 21 day written notice period has passed.

We urge all tenants to read their Lease Agreement and become familiar with their obligations. Every tenant is provided with a hard copy and a USB copy of their Tenancy Agreement, which they signed at the beginning of their tenancy.

It may seem obvious, however you are NOT permitted to give notice:

  • On voice mail
  • Via a phone conversation with your agent and/or your landlord