Your rental statement – when do we issue it?

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Your rental statement – when do we issue it?

Are you unsure about when to expect your rental statement? Here’s a rundown of how your monthly rental statement is processed and issued:

  • We account to you by transferring all funds held by us on your behalf to your nominated bank account on the last business day of each month.
  • We then email your rental statement to you, attaching copies of any invoices paid on your behalf.

The reason we email statements these days rather than post them is twofold:

  • Australia Post’s extended postage times means you would have to wait much longer than before to receive your statement in the post, and
  • Emailed statements are generally preferred by accountants, as they no longer store or process records in paper format.
  • Emailed rental statements and invoices are an accepted business practice these days. They also assist in reducing your accountancy costs, as it means they no longer have to scan paper-based documentation to the records that they hold for you.

Our monthly rental statements are detailed and show:

  • All income received,
  • Expenditure, and
  • Your tenant’s Paid From and Paid To dates, including any additional or ‘above rent level amounts’ that the tenant has paid.

Any monies that your tenant pays above the rental amount will show as a credit on your statement and will be credited to your bank account.