When a tenant falls behind in the rent it is always best to address this quickly with the tenant within just a couple of days.

It is much easier for the tenant to catch up if they are just a few days behind than having to address it seriously with them once they are two weeks or more behind.

Our office policy is as follows:

  • Tenants receive an SMS every day until rent is paid.
  • On day 4 and 6 they receive a formal email regarding the arrears
  • On day 5 we call them to find out what their payment plan is if they have not already arranged this with our team prior.
  • On day 8 and 12 they received a written letter regarding their breach of tenancy
  • On day 10 they receive a phone call from their property manager
  • On day 15 we terminate the lease in accordance with the lease agreement and NSW legislation.