Regular house cleaning is a key component to successful residential property investment

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Regular house cleaning is a key component to successful residential property investment

We had the discussion in the office here at ‘Home Specialist Property Management’ this week about the importance of cleaning a rental property regularly and our role as Property Manager in making sure this happens.

While it is the responsibility of the Agency to maintain the property in good condition, it is the tenant that must keep the property clean and undamaged during their tenancy.

The lack of regular cleaning can often create irreparable damage to the home and that’s why we say it is no ‘laughing matter’! In fact, the failure to conduct effective regular cleaning of a rental property results in serious issues for the landlord:

  • The cost of maintenance can significantly increase,
  • they can run the risk of devaluing the rental rate of their property and
  • potentially risk loss of rental income due to increased vacancy periods essential for undertaking maintenance and repairs.

Here are a couple examples of minor cleaning oversights that can turn into larger maintenance issues if left unchecked:

  • Bathrooms, kitchens and wash basins: If you don’t clean mould in the shower or around sink basins on a regular basis it can cause the grout to discolour. It is impossible to change discoloured grout once the mould stains have set in. It would require re-grouting to get it nice and clean again!
  • Interior walls, doors and skirting boards: Lack of regular cleaning can lead to permanent marks and dirt stains leaving no choice but to repaint for a fresh clean finish.
  • Carpets: If carpeted areas in the home have not been cleared of regular dust and dirt deposits (common build-up areas are around skirting boards and doors) it can result in permanent discolouration of the carpet (particularly lighter coloured carpets). A costly exercise to replace carpet simply due to lack of regular effective cleaning!

Good Property Managers set the sufficient cleaning standards with the tenant at the tenant induction. It is important to give the tenant a checklist of the items that will be checked at the routine inspection (as we do here at ‘home’). Then the tenant is aware of the elements that require their attention when cleaning the home and they can be adequately prepared for our regular house inspections.

Lack of regular cleaning during a tenancy can result in a property that is highly worn and damaged. It then becomes the landlord’s responsibility and expense to undertake repairs and maintenance to return it to ‘good condition’ suitable for leasing.

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