Rental Inspections

At Home Specialist Property Management we balance the need for regular routine rental property inspections with the utmost respect for your privacy as the resident of the home. An important part of the inspection process in addition to assessing the property’s condition is to determine if any repairs or maintenance are required.

Inspections are carried out:

  • Prior to you moving in
  • 8 weeks after your tenancy begins
  • At 3 or 6 monthly intervals, depending on the individual circumstances

Rest assured you will be given ample notice prior to an inspection taking place.

“We will always give you at least 7 days written notice prior to conducting a periodic inspection of your rental property. The following information has been prepared to assist you to prepare for a periodic inspection. See details here:

“Understand why paying attention to the details on the ingoing and outgoing rental inspections are so important. See details here:

“Our tips for preparing earlier for rental inspections makes things much easier. See details here:

“One less thing to worry about”

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