Tips For Selling An Investment Property

At Home Specialist Property Management our position is unique. While we specialise in real estate property management, we can also look after the sale of your investment property or assist you in the purchase of additional properties to help build your investment portfolio. This is a service we offer exclusively to our landlords.

In selling an investment property the number one rule is to consider your target market. What type of people will your property appeal to most? Even though you have purchased the property as an investment, it may appeal to buyers as their permanent place of residence. Ask yourself the following key questions:

  • Could the property appeal equally as a residence and an investment?
  • Is the property currently tenanted with good, steady tenants? This will appeal to other investors.
  • Is the property convenient to schools, transport, shops etc.? This appeals to both residents and investors.
  • Is the property located in a family friendly neighbourhood or is it more suited to professional couples etc.?

Once you know the market you are appealing to, it’s time to get your property inspection ready inside and out. For tips on presenting your investment property take a look at Home Specialist Property Management’s Top 10 Investment Property Presentation Tips.

Given that your property is being managed by us, we can liaise with your tenant and ensure your property is looking at its very best at all times.

We can refer you to one of our real estate sales partners who can take care of marketing your investment property, positioning it in such a way that it will:

  • Attract the right buyers, and
  • Sell at the best price in the shortest time possible.

In fact we can take care of the entire process. You get the peace of mind knowing that people who understand your needs and know your property well are looking after you throughout the sale.

Contact us and discover why we’re the Central Coast’s leader in residential real estate property management.