The Good, the Bad and the Scary!

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The Good, the Bad and the Scary!

Many landlords struggle to find a real difference when choosing a rental managing agent to look after their investment. 

We all promise the same service and deliverables, but do we all deliver the same quality of service?

The reality is: Absolutely NOT!

This was brought to my attention recently when a friend shared of their recent experience moving into a rental property.

When moving into a rental property that is professionally managed by an agent, you would expect the home to be in good condition, well-maintained and cleaned from the previous tenants that left. This expectation is not unreasonable.

Perhaps it is a matter of ‘standards’ yet it is the level of ‘standards’ that make the real difference between a good and bad agent!

Let me make the comparison between a good agent and a bad agent conducting an exit inspection for example:

A good agent will maintain high standards and not let the ‘little details’ go unnoticed. Upon inspecting the property the agent will notice skirting boards that are not clean; the driveway has not been gurneyed; the kitchen cupboards have not been wiped down; the shower screen is not clean or that the walls require spot cleaning. In short – a bad agent will let such details go unattended to and ‘pass’ the exit inspection.

Besides these issues creating a ‘less than impressed’ impression when the new tenants move in… the fact is that over time they deteriorate your investment and that is the scary part!

You pay a professional Property Manager to manage and look after your hard-earned investment.

Collecting the rent and arranging maintenance can be done by anyone, but the true difference between a good agent and a bad one is the level of standards that they deliver.

Delivery upon the promise of high standards with every aspect in the management of your property is the real difference!

Not only will you enjoy the quality service of a good Property Manager agent – they will keep your asset at a high standard (not deteriorate and fall apart) and the knock-on effect here is the ability for your property to gain optimum rental return also.