Why maintenance needs to be reported when it arises

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Why maintenance needs to be reported when it arises

It may be the classic home maintenance issue of ‘the dripping tap’ or a door lock that plays up and the key gets stuck if you don’t jiggle it a certain way.

These situations may be considered minor issues that are not interrupting your lifestyle within your rental home but they can suddenly become urgent or bigger issues if left unreported.

Suddenly you cannot turn that dripping tap off and you face flooding the bathroom OR that suborn lock has now completely stopped working and you cannot get your keys out of the front door!

It would be at this point that a tenant would be on the phone to their Property Manager in a hysterical state demanding urgent repairs.

Why didn’t the tenants report such a maintenance issue sooner?

Here at Home Specialist Property Management it’s common for us to get calls from tenants who are emotional or irate that maintenance has not been attended to.  We hear “this issue has been going on for months” or sometimes longer.

Sometimes well-intended tenants think that they don’t want to bother the owner or make them spend money. Such tenants think that they are doing the property owner of their rental home a favour! I strongly emphasis this is not the case and in fact it can actually be a disadvantage for the property owner if a tenant doesn’t report a maintenance issue as it arises!

Consider that the property owner has purchased a residence as an investment. A property investor wants to keep this investment well maintained and be able to effectively manage the upkeep requirements for the property. If tenants do not inform their Property Managers of maintenance requirements as they arise – the property owner is unable to efficiently manage upkeep of the property because they are not aware if maintenance goes unreported at the time it is required.

Sure we would pick up such maintenance issues upon our regular rental home inspections however a minor maintenance issue could have escalated into a major issue by then.

Reporting maintenance to your Property Manager at the time it arises also prevents the urgency and tensions that come with a repair request that requires urgent attention. As a tenant it is also their legal duty to report maintenance of the home they are renting.

Here at ‘home’ we make this simple with a quick-link click on our website that enables tenants to report maintenance issues in writing online. We are notified immediately and can then action the repairs required.

So my advice is: Don’t hold off on reporting maintenance until the issue is a bigger one or until the routine inspection report is conducted… report it straight away as it’s in the best interest of everyone!