Yes, the Agency works for the landlord

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Yes, the Agency works for the landlord

Property Managers work for the landlords – not the tenants. It is important for tenants to remember this particularly in the event of tenancy disputes. 

While Property Managers protect tenants by ensuring landlords are compliant with rental legislation they are employed by the landlord to represent them.

Just recently our Property Managers here at ‘home’ received paperwork from the tribunal and the respondent in this documentation was listed as our agency, rather than the landlord. It prompted me to consider what is the perception in the market place of property management agencies and their role in managing investment properties?

Do tenants think that we as Property Managers are the ones making the decisions about their rental property?

Landlords that employ a property management agency to manage the tenancy of their investment property make the decision to entrust this role to the Agent, but they don’t give up their responsibility or right to make all the decisions. The Agent will fulfil all the landlord’s requests (given they comply with the various State Government Legislation for renting out a property).

It is common for expectations between the tenants and the landlord to be misaligned and in a situation as   such, any communication and action taken by the Property Manager is done purely in representation of the landlord.

We see the tenants’ frustration when negotiations are underway between themselves and the landlord because we as the representative ‘in the middle’ don’t have the right to make decisions as tenants might expect us to have.

Whether we agree with a landlord’s claim or not – we act on their behalf and fulfil their requests.

Home Specialist Property Management work to ensure a better understanding for landlords of their responsibilities in addition to their landlord rights. This includes: collecting, holding and returning a bond, collecting rent, increasing rent, entering their property, maintenance, repairs and ending a tenancy.

We also advise tenants of their rights and responsibilities as outlined in their own tenancy agreement. As professional and specialist Property Managers, we are here to make the property investment journey simpler and more enjoyable.